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   Today, October 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The history of this festival goes back centuries, namely, to 910, when the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was subject to the barbaric attacks of the Gentiles.

   Waiting for the raid, people have found the only shelter in the temple, where they began to pray fervently to God asking for the salvation of his people. In addition to the residents in the temple was a holy and whacky Andrew with his disciple Epiphanius. After some time, Saint Andrew, saw Samu God’s mother, who prayed kneeling before the Lord, asking for the salvation of the people. Then the Virgin came to the throne, said another prayer, and then took off with his head stretched his blanket over all the people praying in the temple, thus protecting them from visible and invisible enemies. In the hands of the Blessed Mother, Cover, surrounded by a host of saints and angels, shining “more than the rays of the sun,” he was surrounded by the holy of the Lord, John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. Then St. Andrew asks his disciple Epiphanius: “You see, brother, the Queen and Lady of all praying for the world?”. “I see the Holy Father, and terrifying,” – replied Epiphany. Thus the Virgin saved Constantinople and its people from ruin and destruction.

   Also, this holiday is especially revered by the Cossacks. It was connected with the events occurred in 1641. This year was marked by the Cossacks time zanmenitoy Azov battle “Azov seats.” Then, the Don Cossacks, and stood in the bloody siege of Azov, withstood the onslaught of the Turks. Thus the Russian army to defend their conquest in 1637.

   At fifteen times, Turks outnumbered the Cossacks. When the defenders have no strength left, and it seemed that all was lost, the Cossacks was the image of “a beautiful wife in crimson chasuble.” This management has given Cossack army forces, and confidence in the patronage of the Mother of God over them. No coincidence that on the eve of the holiday of the Holy Virgin, the Turkish army left and lifted the siege of Azov.

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