Funeral repast

A memorial dinner is one of the rituals of remembrance of the departed, which is the final part of the service. It has not only its own history, ceremonies, but also a menu. By tradition, it is customary to organize memorial dinners, which bring together the relatives and relatives of the deceased. A table for honoring memory is laid on the day of the funeral, as well as on 9, 40 days and the anniversary of death, remembering a loved one, but a person who has left us.

Holding a memorial dinner is not just about preparing and serving mourning dishes. Today it is a decorated table, a prepared memorial hall, a well-thought-out ritual menu and an individual approach to each person present.

This is important for those who observe fasting, want to see special dishes on the table, have certain taste preferences, or prefer to hold the most modest commemoration, but do it in a cafe, not at home. Thanks to the wide variety of dishes, each guest will find a menu that suits them. Having a large selection of halls for commemoration, we can provide the opportunity to select the most suitable cafes in the city of Odessa.

Funeral home “Anubis” provides:

– Funeral lunches for meals on the day of the funeral, for 9 and 40 days, as well as on the anniversary of death.
– Funeral dinners on departure or with home delivery.
– Funeral breakfasts with a visit to the cemetery.
– Catering for any festive events to take away or home delivery.

For your choice, there are 4 establishments for holding funeral meals, located in different parts of Odessa:

1. Odessa, Babel, 12 Contacts
2. Odessa, Lyustdorfskaya road, 178/1 Contacts
3. Odessa, Zatonskogo, 6 Contacts
4. Odessa, Tiraspolskoe highway 22D (возле центрального входа кладбища «Западное») Contacts