Funeral home “ANUBIS” has a powerful material and technical base includes: exhibition halls of different levels, fleet vehicles, funeral restaurant, manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

The management structure of the enterprise allows to coordinate the work of all services for fast and high-quality solutions posed problems.

The uniqueness of the funeral home, “ANUBIS” consists in the fact that it is the only organization to date, the ability to provide a full range of funeral services for its ever-evolving material and technical base, personnel constantly train and improve their skills.

The development of the ritual sphere is impossible without close cooperation of funeral services of different countries. The level of development of the Odessa funeral home “ANUBIS” provides an opportunity to establish inter-regional relations, international cooperation.

High demands professionalism of any link is strictly enforced and monitored. Manager consultants at any time of the day politely answer the phone call, calm and explain how and what to do at the moment . Administrators halls and managers to work with clients always delicately meet any customer , explain the procedure for disposal , will show products and recommend that it is better to buy from the range . The professional staff of the ritual organizers organize and conduct the burial ritual is beautiful and dignified , in compliance with the ordinances and customs of any religion section . Venochnaya products presented at the funeral home ” ANUBIS “, made ​​by professional designers with high-quality floral materials. Funeral restaurant will have any possible assistance and support in difficult times.

By organizing the funeral, our staff guarantees high quality of work and, last but not least, attention to the families and friends of the deceased. We understand the pain of loss and therefore comply with all the intricacies and traditions of funeral arrangements. We help in the implementation of funeral services, not only in our country but also abroad. In addition to the traditional funeral, we are ready to perform the ritual and have a funeral service VIP level.

The company team will do their best to make you satisfied and grateful to us for work performed.