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Worthy decoration of the place to say goodbye – it’s an opportunity to pay last respects to the departed loved one from us, make an attempt to share with him a piece of beauty and grace, which remained in the world of the living. This place needs to create an atmosphere of sweet sorrow and be convenient for those who come to remember the deceased.



A team of specialists funeral home has the necessary knowledge and experience in mourning rallies, civil funeral, religious ceremonies involving large numbers of people, allowing us to take responsibility for organizing the ceremony in the short term. Clearance space for farewell engaged highly qualified personnel having the necessary knowledge and equipment we are organizing the audio, and video feed videoobespecheniya activities at various levels.


We are ready to perform any task, using many years of experience, professionalism and skill of our staff.

— The team of Anubis


Also it should be noted that due to the large number of tents, gazebos ritual, tents, and vystilaniya farewell cloth seats – this service allows us to reduce the adverse weather conditions to a minimum.






Эти факторы позволяют создать благоприятную атмосферу для прощания, а также возможность каждому скорбящему воздать последние почести умершему человеку.