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Catering facilities in the field of beautification

1) Renovation and improvement of amenities (including storage facilities).
2) The procedure for the competitive selection of enterprises for fixing the storeroom.
3) The norm for an hour is to clean up the storeroom. Provision about huge control.
4) Provisions about the distribution of rules for the improvement of the storeroom.
5) Confirmed regulations on the inspection of the improvement of the storerooms and in.

Похоронне обслуговування

1) Regulations about “ritual service” in Ukraine.
2) The necessary transformation of the types of ritual services.
3) Vimogi will organize the funeral.
4) The order of fixing the storerooms.
5) Viznachennya varosti ritual services.
6) About the hardening of the norms of the hour for the delivery of ritual services that ін.