One of the most poignant emotional moments during the funeral occurs when lowering the coffin into the grave.


Traditionally, this is done using toweling cloths – the coffin is lowered slowly and carefully, as inexperienced work may lead to a drop in the coffin into the grave, that in such an emotionally stressful time is simply unacceptable.


The participation of teams of professional kopschikov the burial allows you to completely eliminate the possibility of unpleasant incidents during the lowering of the coffin.



Also on request lowering the coffin can be carried out with the help of ritual elevator – singumatora.


Funeral home ” Anubis ” on a continuous basis, training and specialization of its staff. Qualified personnel selected and trained to make the burial of the deceased in any technical terms.

— The team of Anubis




Ritual elevator, designed to lower the coffin into the grave, is a reliable and robust design with a rotary mechanism. His use of a landfill can solemnly and carefully lower the coffin of eliminating the human factor. When used coffin smoothly and securely in straps and gently lowered into the grave under the control of the operator.