The death of a loved one is a difficult test for his relatives , and if your loved one died away from home and you could not say goodbye to him , the loss is felt even more painful . In such cases, in addition to organizing the funeral itself will need to be engaged in transport ( repatriation ) of the corpse .


Funeral home ” Anubis ” , one of the few companies in Ukraine , which is professionally engaged in the posthumous repatriation of the deceased .


To implement the repatriation must know the rules in force in the country in which or from which delivered a dead body . From our experience we know what is required of certain countries ,


Ritual Service Funeral Home ” Anubis ” will take responsibility for:

– Collect the necessary documents and information in all instances , customs formalities for sending the body abroad , obtaining a permit in the embassy of the country of destination for the import of the body;
– Translation of documents into foreign languages ​​, obtaining an Apostille ( if necessary);
– Preparation of the deceased’s body to transport and subsequent farewell ;
– Sanitary and hygienic treatment , blood embalming , cosmetic preparation of the body , dressing the deceased ;
– Provision of a wooden coffin , zinc liner and wooden container in accordance with international requirements on the transport of dead bodies ;
– Solder and sealing the zinc liner ;
– Delivery of cargo to the airport or train station , documents for the passage of the terminal cargo handling , loading control ;
– Transportation of the deceased by road, air or rail;
– The development of the transportation route , alignment with transport companies consulate of the destination country , the organization of the goods are “200” in the city of destination;
– The organization of the burial of the deceased (burial in a cemetery or cremation ) .