To date, funeral home “Anubis” is a unique enterprise in Ukraine that can offer exclusive rental ritual paraphernalia for arranging venues dirges and decoration locations goodbyes.


Funeral ritual, usually in several stages of burial, the main of which is the place of farewell to the deceased. To arrange a farewell stage set up various elements forged fences – unique in its structure, stands for the pedestal of the coffin, vases, candlesticks, railing, laying flowers for urns, pedestals and paraphernalia for a portrait for the funeral rite. The structure of all possible attributes unique and can satisfy the most demanding customers.




Designated goodbyes, usually located on uneven surfaces, which entails some inconvenience during the farewell. To ensure an absolutely flat plane, mark the location of farewell to the deceased, and minimize the adverse weather conditions we provide rental podium for farewell ritual. This design is a perfectly flat surface with adjustable height setting for the tomb.



Organizing a funeral, our staff guarantees high quality work and, last but not least, attention to the families and friends of the deceased.

— The team of Anubis


Also, thanks to a powerful material and technical basis, we provide a range of services for installation of ground facilities, such as the ritual of the gazebo or awning tent. Arbour is a massive wrought construction provides a large number of people parting and fully protects the deceased relatives and the weather conditions during the farewell. Funeral tents set up for the purpose, to provide the most favorable conditions for the farewell to a loved one.


We organize exclusive funeral mourning hall with registration, preparation farewell ceremony for individual scenario with full honors. A team of specialists funeral home has the necessary knowledge and equipment necessary for the design of the hall of any size that allows a short time to organize a ceremony of any complexity at the highest level.


Also having the necessary knowledge and equipment, we specialize in the organization of video and audio software audio events of different levels. Our specialists in the short term on a photo and video materials will create a movie memory.


To lower the coffin into the grave ritual designed elevator – singumator, is a reliable and robust design with a rotary mechanism. Its use allows the burial solemnly and carefully lower the coffin, eliminating the human factor. When used coffin smoothly and securely in straps and gently lowered into the grave under operator control.


Concern about the quality of service and comfort for clients – an integral component of the painstaking work of any modern ritual service. In the winter, especially acute is the problem of street heating. The heating need on the spot mourners farewell, cemeteries and other open areas. It is no secret that there are heaters type of UFO, which are positioned as the street, capable of operating in open terrain, but they also have significant drawbacks – too spot heating and the need to work off.
    Catching up on finding the answer to the question of how most effectively to warm their clients, experts Funeral Homes Anubis came to the conclusion that the best solution to this problem may be a gas heater. Now, this technology is widely used in the organization of burials and shows excellent results. Gas heater is absolutely standalone, has an interesting design and small footprint, it is completely safe, and most importantly is able to warm the area around it to 9 square meters, which is enough to heat a considerable number of mourners.



This service is available to all who applied for the organizational help of Anubis in the funeral home.