Seeing off

«Проводы» – this name is one of the most sacred Slavic customs. Customary sense is that to pay tribute to ancestors and all the relatives who are no longer in this world, but are still alive in people’s memory . This event, which allows you to introduce children to the family tradition , feel the unity in the family circle . Memorial day in the Orthodox manner starting on the third day after the feast of the Resurrection of Christ or another – ” Easter .” In folk traditions, however, this day often appears Sunday, a week after the ” Easter .” It is the day when the whole family is going to the cemetery and memorial meal commits.

Before transgress to eating together at the cemetery , it is necessary to read the prayer for the dead , as well as ” Our Father.” In some Slavic regions taken before the entree taste Christmas Pudding recipe which includes – wheat, rice , nuts and sweets in the form of honey or marmalade. There is a legend , according to which , added to the Christmas Pudding candy – tastes and soul of the deceased in heaven. Besides kuti , popularly , accepted to take with you – Easter cakes , krashanki , Eggs , sausage, cheese , candy , etc. As you know, remembering , remembering accepted good deeds that made ​​people in life, when it is forbidden to speak about the poor . We should also note that the Orthodox tradition does not accept the remembrance of the dead of alcohol that is considered a sin and harms the soul of the deceased. However, in our country , such orthodox recommendations more often than not run. A compromise in such a situation can be considered – or Cahors red wine , which are used in religious rituals . But again, do not forget about the true purpose « Wire » , which must not be transformed into a merry farce , but rather, to make a person a little bit and think about eternal appeal to their roots … Completing the meal most often taken pies and pie.

If we look deeper into the tradition, we find that no accident Wires after Easter. We, however, together with the deceased, rejoice brighter the Resurrection. Simple social interaction with dead strengthens faith, declaring that that after death a person does not leave the bosom of the Church is God, “which is not God of the dead, but of all living.”

In the Slavic tradition, it is believed that during the “Easter” on Rodonitsu, souls descend from heaven to earth, and before returning back, waiting at the gates of the cemetery handouts that take then with you. It is connected with this tradition to leave food on the grave or to give alms to the poor.

Approaching the grave, cross your fingers and pray worth of the soul of the deceased. If possible – should invite a priest who will serve “for the soul.”

In the Slavic tradition, wires, wake – custom family meal together, that’s why in some areas we can observe long, dug tables. The main positive aspects of the funeral of the day – this is what is going to all relatives, family get-togethers held a joint prayer for the forgiveness of sins, that cleanses the soul of both dead and alive. Communion happens next generations of tradition.

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