The time of departure from the life of a loved one is a great sorrow for the family of this man. Not all of us can move this mountain safely without any stress and anxiety . Therefore, in order to properly organize the funeral departed person you need to ask for help in the funeral home.



Funeral home ” Anubis ” provides services for a wide range of organizations burial . Here you can order the organization and carrying out each step as a burial and a range of services.




We know how hard it is to experience the loss of a loved one. Funeral relatives of the deceased , as a rule , the process is labor intensive, time-consuming and energy. Our task – as fully as possible , carefully and delicately to approach your situation and assist in the organization of the burial.



we will treat care and understanding to all the little things required immediate solution to the question that always arise in difficult moments of our life. You will be cleared of all heavy responsibilities and thanks to the competence and professionalism of our staff , you can calmly and confidently hold farewell ceremony and burial of the deceased at the highest level.

— The team of Anubis



Our funeral home has various funeral services according to the highest category. The package of necessary services the customer can choose himself, and to make additional proposals in the ritual and to express wishes. A wide range of services includes: heating and air conditioning (cooling) air both indoors and in the open area, the use of the pneumatic tent for the funeral service, on-site coffee shop and more.