what to do if a person died?

Death of a person almost always comes as a surprise. In such a complex situation is easy enough to get lost, though you should try to pull myself together, because the circumstances require you to perform certain procedures. Funeral home, “Anubis” will introduce you to the sequence of actions.

Regardless of the time of day!

• The first step is to contact the Single urban service ritual care 16 – 16 (Odessa), where you will have the help and advise. Consultation of experts Relief Services (048) 16 – 16, includes all the questions, covering those items that we have identified further.

• It is mandatory to have to call the medics, who must acknowledge death. If a person dies at home and in the daytime, it can make the local doctor, if at night – ambulance.
• Also, it is obligatory to call the police. Interior Ministry officers must obtain a protocol examining the body, and, if necessary, write out a direction for a forensic autopsy.
• The next step is to obtain a medical certificate of death.

If the death occurred at home during the day:

• To receive a medical certificate of death – need to contact the clinic. With a need to have: outpatient card of the deceased, the deceased passport and the passport of the applicant. The clinic can take a decision about the direction of the deceased to the morgue in the postmortem evaluation (in this case a medical death certificate is issued in the morgue).
• If the deceased was sent for an autopsy, you need to call a specialized vehicle for transportation of corpses. In Odessa, a call can be made by calling the “United urban service ritual aid” 16-16.

If the person died at home or in a public place at night:

• In this case the you must make a call to the city service ritual assistance 16-16 and call a specialist at the place of death. Employees of the ritual service will make transporting the body to the morgue, taking you form confirming death, report of survey of the corpse and referral to a forensic medical autopsy. At the morgue, taking with him a passport, you will be able to issue a medical certificate of death.

What to do next after receiving medical certificate of death:

• The next step – getting help and the stamp of the death certificate. To obtain these documents should contact the registrar.
• If the body was taken to the morgue at the place of death, should arrange shipment of the body to the morgue in the community. (engaged in this service 16-16)
• The final stage – the organization of the funeral. Orders can be arranged by calling the unified city services 16-16, or call an agent on the house, turning on the same phone number. You also have the opportunity to purchase a ritual paraphernalia and goods necessary for the disposal, in our online store.

Special cases:

If a person died in the hospital More often, he was sent to the morgue of the hospital, announcing the death of relatives. There happens clearance medical certificate of death.

If a person has died a violent death – The body is sent to a forensic morgue, and upon death, the police officers must be made check, which could result in criminal proceedings. Then be issued a permit for burial of the deceased. After obtaining permission should be made further collection of documents.

If a person died in a public place, body will also be sent to the forensic morgue. In such a case will come to a forensic morgue to identify the body.

If a person died abroad should contact the consulate of the country of nationality of the deceased, for the registration of the fact of death and solutions formalities with the local authorities. Transportation of dead from abroad in Ukraine is engaged in the funeral home, “Anubis”. Consultation, can be obtained by calling (048) 16-16