Services for the preparation of the deceased for burial is a set of actions aimed at providing timely and quality funeral service in the first minutes of the death of a loved one.



As practice shows in stressful situations, relatives of the deceased are not able to understand the importance of timely care for the body of the deceased, including the careful transport of the deceased person in the morgue.




Funeral home “ANUBIS” has a fairly powerful material and technical base, specialists with many years of experience and specialized vehicles for the provision of primary measures such as:

– transportation of the deceased to the morgue at a specialized transport;
– individual refrigerators for blocking the processes of decomposition in order to give a more natural look of the deceased;
– modern embalming methods by which you can avoid a full autopsy;
– antibacterial treatment rooms, where he was a dead man;
– disposal and sanitization items and household supplies.