Organization of anniversaries


Commemorations committed relatives in memorial days for the dead as a sign that his soul is alive and immortal. Commemoration of these days is an expression of our love for the deceased, which does not stop with his death. Just as in life, and in the memorable days we especially pray for the forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation.


Church adopted a rule to remember our loved ones on the 9th, 40th day, half a year, a year after the memorial days of the year.


In a memorable day relatives come to the place of burial and bring “a memorial breakfast.” Where the priest recites lity – a prayer for the dead. After visiting the place of burial in the days of remembrance for the deceased commemorate the memorial meal.


Meals are considered by the Church as a direct continuation of the Charter of worship.


We specialize in preparing and holding memorable days and ready to assist you.


Psychological help

All of us throughout life is necessary to meet with death. Especially hard when a close person dies. Experiencing grief can not be considered a sign of weakness, as the mourning – a method by which we recover after heavy losses.
Even if we decided not to show weakness and look optimistically to the future, it is still suffering makes itself felt. All this greatly undermines the internal forces, the energy of life is extinguished.
Our psychologists can be with you and help you regain strength and grieve.

Legal assistance

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If circumstances do not allow you personally to address legal issues, and you are afraid of hasty decisions with the paperwork, the assistance of a lawyer having high skills and expertise will be needed.
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