But sadly , but even the best , sooner or later leave us. Do not become Boris Davidovich , person, which is hard to imagine today’s Odessa. Probably all the good things that we have in our town anyway connected with this wonderful person .
      Boris Davidovich Litvak . Honored coach of Ukraine , Director of the Sports School of Olympic Reserve , founder and director of the Center for Medical , psychological and social rehabilitation of children with disorders of the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system , President of the Foundation “Future” , an honorary citizen of Odessa , Hero of Ukraine . Difficult to imagine how much effort and sweat and blood has been invested in these projects , in order that they were put into practice . Boris Davidovich did it with a vengeance.
     Any of its undertaking and brought to the end of the deal was granted and continues to give happiness and smiles to those who need it. House with the angel , whose founder is Boris Davidovich Litvak, became the hallmark of Odessa. This is the place where thousands of young citizens of Odessa , as well as children from around the world were able to receive adequate medical and psychological care , able to socialize and feel that they can create , develop, and find themselves in this life , which from the beginning has put in front of them severe obstacle – cerebral palsy. Barriers , which were not high they would have never stopped this from Odessa . Boris Litvak daily work , step by step, went to his goal . Boris Davidovich surrounded by care and support for those who are left alone with their problems . He restored hope to those who have taken it . Everyone who came to the rehabilitation center , got into a family where certainly felt the love , understanding and real help.
    Boris Davidovich knew firsthand what a difficult childhood because his teenage years have passed during the Great Patriotic War. When the war began , he was 11 years old . One of his friends said that if he had at the time was older and able to do some fighting , the war ended just before would . Very symbolic and that Boris Davidovich , the real hero of Odessa died April 10 , in such an important day for each odessite when we remember their heroes who gave their lives for our city. Boris Davidovich life without remainder belonged to Odessa and like no other , he and his will hardly deserved this honorary title , the title of hero !
Collective funeral home ” Anubis ” expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families and to all the inhabitants of Odessa and those who knew Boris Davidovich Litvak . Out hero! But his memory will live forever !

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