For the convenience of residents of the Odessa area, as well as to improve the quality of public services, funeral home, “Anubis” opened branches in Ovidiopolsky area.

The new branches are now operating in Ovidiopol, Lenina st 422, as well as in the village. Velikodolinskoe, at street South 7a.

It should be noted that now the residents Ovidiopol district, in addition to the standard range of funeral services, the opportunity to use more and a full range of services poslepohoronnyh not overpaying for the distance. Thus to services ovidiopoltsev and residents of the area are presented:
• organization of the funeral party,
• Hotline 16 -16,
• psychological and legal assistance,
• Free consultation,
• Shop, where you can order wreaths, crosses and other ritual paraphernalia with free delivery to the desired position.

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