FUNÉRAIRE PARIS – exhibition of funeral accessories, wearing international status. Every two years, it gathers professionals of the funeral services from around the world. Funeraire – exhibition with a history: its first session was held back in 1987. Since then, the exhibition has not only not lost positions, but also able to significantly enhance the image of the leader of the event the scope of funeral services worldwide.
   The exhibition is designed only for professional visitors. Among the permanent members – all of the major industry leaders. It is here that the representatives of the national markets of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the UK, USA, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, the Czech Republic show off their latest achievements and best direction of the funeral industry.
    The exhibition organizers Funeraire held a conference to discuss issues of innovation in the legislation, cremation, management of cemeteries, funeral budgeting, preservation of gravestones.
Next event is scheduled for 2015. The exhibition FUNÉRAIRE PARIS experts can find everything you need in one place to buy all the accessories for the funeral and burial of the ceremony for the best customer satisfaction.
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