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Funeral home "ANUBIS" has a powerful material and technical base includes: exhibition halls of different levels, fleet vehicles , funeral restaurant, manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

The management structure of the enterprise allows to coordinate the work of all services for fast and high-quality solutions posed problems.

The uniqueness of the funeral home, "ANUBIS" consists in the fact that it is the only organization to date, the ability to provide a full range of funeral services for its ever-evolving material and technical base, personnel constantly train and improve their skills.

Repatriation of the deceased

Funeral home "Anubis", one of the few companies in Ukraine, which is professionally engaged in the posthumous repatriation of the deceased.
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Services for the preparation of the deceased for burial

Services for the preparation of the deceased for burial is a set of actions aimed at providing timely and quality funeral service in the first minutes of the death of a loved one.
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Vehicles for burial

Today the funeral home "ANUBIS" is the only company in Odessa and Odessa region having its own fleet vehicles specially equipped for funeral processions.
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Services to prepare the site of the grave or memorial service

Worthy decoration of the place to say goodbye - it's an opportunity to pay last respects to the departed loved one from us, make an attempt to share with him a piece of beauty and grace, which remained in the world of the living. This place needs to create an atmosphere of sweet sorrow and be convenient for those who come to remember the deceased.
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Services for the organization of burial

We know how hard it is to experience the loss of a loved one. Funeral relatives of the deceased, as a rule, the process is labor intensive, time-consuming and energy. Our task - as fully as possible, carefully and delicately to approach your situation and assist in the organization of the burial.
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Services for burial

Funeral home " Anubis " on a continuous basis, training and specialization of its staff. Qualified personnel selected and trained to make the burial of the deceased in any technical terms.
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Rental related items for disposal

We organize exclusive funeral mourning hall with registration, preparation farewell ceremony for individual scenario with full honors. A team of specialists funeral home has the necessary knowledge and equipment necessary for the design of the hall of any size that allows a short time to organize a ceremony of any complexity at the highest level.
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After the funeral service

We focus on professionalism, efficiency, confidentiality and timeliness of work. Our experts are ready to help you round the clock.
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Funeral home "Anubis" provides a wide selection of wooden, metal and composite crosses.
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We offer a wide range of elite sarcophaguses, as well as exclusive and social coffins
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Funeral home "Anubis", provides a wide range of wreaths. Our florists offer an individual approach to each client, ready not only to present wreaths of artificial and fresh flowers, but also create exclusive floral masterpieces on order.
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The ritual paraphernalia necessary for the disposal of

Funeral house "Anubis" offers a wide range of ritual paraphernalia - icons, crosses on the coffin, ritual kits, scarves and towels...
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Orders for the production of monuments of any complexity. Phone (048) 706 16-16
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We offer a choice to the customer memorial halls, designed for different seats and located in different parts of the city. Comfortable rooms, fully meet all modern requirements with an independent ventilation system and climate control.
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Legislation of Ukraine

This section contains all applicable laws regarding the disposal on the territory of Ukraine.
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