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(048) 706 16-16

(044) 500 16-16

   FUNERAL SERVICE 16-16 is constantly pushing the boundaries of their assistance. If earlier to take advantage of a convenient and high-quality service could ritual mostly in the Odessa region, now, we are open to residents of the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. Call a ritual service in Kiev 16-16 can call (044) or 16-16 (044) 500 16 16.


    Managers FUNERAL SERVICE 16-16 are ready any day, at any time to provide professional assistance. Our experts, at an early stage will advise in detail about the course of action, or go directly to address and take on all the burdens the organization of the funeral events. The vast experience and highly qualified service professionals 16-16, allow in the shortest time to issue all the necessary documentation, to carry the body to the morgue, to organize a farewell ceremony to conduct burial at the cemetery or cremated. Our managers are able to find the right solution to any, even the most unusual and complex tasks that can stand in front of our customers. FUNERAL SERVICE 16-16 is a guarantee of quality. By entrusting us such an important matter, you protect yourself from fraudsters who are ready to earn fraudulently on the human grief.

In order to take advantage of the ritual service in Kiev, 16-16, enough to call our short number 16-16 and our specialists will answer any questions as well as listen and advise in detail, explaining step by step what to do and how. In addition to the full standard set of ritual services, service 16-16 includes a wide array of support services to funeral services for the repatriation of the deceased, poslepohoronnoe service and convenient online resource

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