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The uniqueness of the funeral home , " ANUBIS " consists in the fact that it is the only organization to date, the ability to provide a full range of funeral services for its ever-evolving material and technical base, personnel constantly train and improve their skills.
December 1, 2014, died a well-known writer and humorist, writer and dramatist, one of the founders Humorina and Honored Artist of George A. Golubenko-Bakunchik.
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For the convenience of residents of the Odessa area, as well as to improve the quality of public services, funeral home, "Anubis" opened branches in Illichevsk.
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Today, October 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The history of this festival goes back centuries, namely, to 910, when the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was subject to the barbaric attacks of the Gentiles.
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Are pleased to announce that it will soon open a new church building!
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