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(048) 706 16-16

(044) 500 16-16

The uniqueness of the funeral home , " ANUBIS " consists in the fact that it is the only organization to date, the ability to provide a full range of funeral services for its ever-evolving material and technical base, personnel constantly train and improve their skills.
Забота о качестве обслуживания и комфорте для клиентов - неотъемлемая составляющая кропотливой работы любой современной ритуальной службы. В зимнее время, особенно остро, стоит вопрос об уличном обогреве. В обогреве нуждаются скорбящие на месте прощания, на кладбищах и на других открытых площадках.
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FUNERAL SERVICE 16-16 constantly expanding the boundaries of their care. Now, we are open to residents of the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Call a ritual service in Kiev 16-16 can call (044) or 16-16 (044) 500 16 16.
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We are glad to announce the opening of a new branch of funeral directors in 16-16 Usatove village. The new branch is located on Lenin Street 151 and is ready to provide timely and high-quality ritual assistance The population Usatove Nerubayske and residents of other settlements Belaiev district of Odessa region.
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For the convenience of residents of the Odessa area, as well as to improve the quality of public services, funeral home, "Anubis" opened branches in Kominternovsky district.
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