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The uniqueness of the funeral home , " ANUBIS " consists in the fact that it is the only organization to date, the ability to provide a full range of funeral services for its ever-evolving material and technical base, personnel constantly train and improve their skills.
For the convenience of residents of the Odessa area, as well as to improve the quality of public services, funeral home, "Anubis" opened branches in Ovidiopolsky area.
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Most likely, each user sotsialnyx networks, at least once in a lifetime wondering - what happens to the accounts and avatars of people who are no longer with us? How to treat this page?
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It is sad, but even the best, sooner or later leave us. Boris Davidovich, a person without whom it is difficult to imagine today's Odessa, is gone. Probably all the kindest that is in our city is somehow connected with this bright person.
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It is very important that the place of the last abode be beautifully cleaned, and the land in which a person found his last refuge was decorated with flowers, thereby symbolizing the good that he left behind on Earth.
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