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Ukrainian laws

Law of Ukraine “On Improvement of Settlements”, 802807-IV of September 6, 2005

• Management in the field of improvement
• Subjects and objects in the field of improvement
• Organization of improvement
• Standardization and regulation
• Financial support
• Responsibility for violation of the law
* Cemeteries are objects of improvement of settlements.

Law of Ukraine “On Burial and Funeral Affairs”, N1102-IV of July 10, 2003″

• The concept of burial
• Organization of funeral and funeral business
• Organization of burials
• Liability for violation
• Legislation on the burial of the dead
• International cooperation in the field of disposal
• Final provisions

Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory State Social Insurance in Connection with Temporary Disability and Expenses Due to Burial”

Article 45: Right to burial assistance
• Assistance for burial is provided in the event of the death of the insured person, as well as family members who were in his support:
• Not considered to be supported by the insured person, persons, family members who had independent sources of income (received wages, pension, etc.)
• Assistance is provided to the insured person, a member of his family or other legal or natural persons who carried out the burial.