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(048) 706 16-16

(044) 500 16-16

    For the convenience of residents of Ilyichevsk, as well as to better serve the population of the Odessa region, the funeral home, “Anubis” I opened a new branch.
The new branch opened its doors in the city Ilyichevsk Street Victory at 2a.

    Funeral home “Anubis” – a company that has many years of experience in this sensitive area, as the scope of ritual services. Respect for tradition, together with the use of innovative approaches, the high level of professionalism of the staff, their concern and sympathy, all this allows the first year of “Anubis” is a leading funeral services of Ukraine. A wide range of service capabilities, allows even at such a sensitive time to organize a funeral with minimal cost, but with the highest quality and variety of the ritual service.

   It is interesting that now the residents of the city Ilyichevsk, in addition to the standard set of ritual services, it is possible to use still and full-poslepohoronnogo service without overpaying for the distance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Thus the services Illyichevets presented:    Thus the services Illyichevets presented:

• organizing memorial dinner,
• Hotline 16 -16,
• psychological and legal assistance,
• Free consultation,
• care for the burial place of service improvement,
• Shop

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