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The cemetery is, the place where the body finds final resting place of the deceased. Each of us, coming to the grave of a relative or loved one, in the memorable days and holy days, certainly feels spiritual awe. We, at least temporarily, but feel the presence of the past in a man’s world, and it really comes alive in our memories and thoughts. Very important that in such moments, the last place of the monastery was beautifully done, that would land in which a man found peace, was decorated with flowers, symbolizing the – the good things that the deceased left behind on Earth. That would be in this place and at this time we were able to experience the atmosphere of peace and holiness, thus pleased the soul of the deceased, in the heavens, making it clear that we remember him, love and pay tribute.


Unfortunately, not always work properly care for the graves of loved ones due to various circumstances. Sometimes in view of the large number of cases and lack of time, sometimes due to the fact that the tomb is located at a great distance, which is why there is no way to come to the place of burial. Contribute their negative adjustments to the look grave, natural factors (rain, snow, weed growth) and human (vandalism, sectarianism or just ignorance).
In view of this, the staff of the funeral home, “Anubis”, ready with all the responsibility, to take over your care to maintain the graves in the desired state, providing care, aesthetic care, preserving the atmosphere of the sacredness of the place where your loved one has found the last refuge.


We offer a full range of services to care for the burial place of your loved ones:
– Constant care and cleaning on-site disposal;
– Restoration of the place of burial;
– Laying flowers and wreaths at the grave to the specified date, a partial update of landings or podsazhivanie plants.
  – Services expertise of the condition of the grave and the photo with the report on the work done.

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