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(048) 706 16-16

(044) 500 16-16

Funeral services in Kiev

Ritual servants in such a great place, as Kiev will demand the gracious robots of the least number of people. The majestic admiration in the ritual spheres allows us to see our food as foldable for our fakhivts. A high level of cooperation with colleagues from the Ukrainian regions of Ukraine, and to rob the ritual service with the hand and expand the geography of such ritual services.
Kiev Funeral Services provided by the 16 16 service cover the entire spectrum of ritual assistance. The material and technical base and highly qualified personnel allow us to satisfy any requests of Kiev residents, from strict budget funerals to solemn elite ceremonies.
Ritual service 16-16 in Kiev , like in Odessa, works around the clock. You can call for help and advice by short number 16-16 or by special number (044) 500 16-16

Funeral services in Kiev:
– Repatriation of the deceased
– Preparing the deceased for burial
– Motor transport for burial
– Preparing the place for the funeral service
– Organization of burial
– Rental of related items for burial
– After the funeral service
– Online store
– Consulting on all issues, legal assistance.